The Examined Life

The beginning….


You know how Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living?” Well, that got me thinking. We don’t get to live forever. We don’t get to restart and try again. We get one life, and while I have this one, I’m going to examine the hell out of it. This will be my journey from now until the end. This will be a record of all things, me. Enjoy the examined life.


But I am a Fraud

via Daily Prompt: Fraud

I will listen to your gripes,

allow you to vent until there is nothing left

to complain about.

I will bring you coffee when your hands are cold,

offer warm coats from my own cold shoulders

so that you do not freeze.

I will offer you advice when he doesn’t show interest,

explaining things about his plans that I have no clue about,

pretending to be a friend.

But I am a fraud,

I am no friend of yours,

at best an admirer from close up,

at worst obsessed with your very being.

I will go on with this deception,

because I can’t have you,

and because your eyes look past me,

when you’re searching for love.




She is cold, blended or on the rocks, she is of ice.

Beautiful– she is colorful, perfect proportions,

sits pretty, almost too magnificent to disturb.

She is sweet, so sweet you will find yourself blinded,

bitterness subsiding into a sugary treat,

but in her sweetness you’ll find she is strong,

stronger than you believed,

strong enough to destroy you if you let her.

She is fire, stick with her through the cold,

and she will warm your heart,

pain subsides, pleasure ignites,

but stay too long, and she will hurt your chest,

a heart attack in a glass,

you can’t say goodbye, she is too good to give up,

but you’ll realize maybe she’s not for you…

find another to taste, and forget how

she makes you feel.

In the end, though, she is all you want to drink.

Lost Fire

via Daily Prompt: Tame

He sits inconspicuously in his chosen corner,

away from judging eyes,

silent in his thoughts,

alone in his heart.

Months ago he was full of fire,

courageous with his ideas,

speaking out loud for all to hear,

and now, he is tame,

a shell of his former self,

watered down until the embers

will no longer ignite.

He has lost,

un-moving in the confusion,

pretending to be engaged,

but blank in his stare.

And maybe, we have all lost.


Friend Zone

via Daily Prompt: Recreate

Some time will pass and she will find,

someone to love her the way she deserves.

Her heart will sing, her eyes will light up,

her breath will be short as he kisses her lips.

I won’t be anywhere near her, too distant to see,

out of her mind completely because he is not me.

I will try, with my best attempt, to recreate

the feeling I felt for her, but with someone else.

And she will never know that I loved her

with all my heart and soul, because she said,

“We’re only friends, nothing more.”



via Daily Prompt: Priceless

I wrote you a love letter,

and I signed it anonymous,

because I must have thought,

the act, altogether

was cliché as it could get,

might as well go for it all.

In it, I probably told you how much

I truly cared for you, or some

variation of love without

actually mentioning the word…

I can’t be completely sure,

because I wrote it while inebriated–

a state I’ve been way too familiar with recently.

I must have told you how important

you are, and how much I need you,

and, probably something about

the time we spend together being priceless.

And because I couldn’t remember

your email address, it went un-sent

for the rest of my intoxicated night.

In the morning I deleted it,

I didn’t read any of it except for

where I signed, “I will always care,