The Examined Life

The beginning….


You know how Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living?” Well, that got me thinking. We don’t get to live forever. We don’t get to restart and try again. We get one life, and while I┬áhave this one, I’m going to examine the hell out of it. This will be my journey from now until the end. This will be a record of all things, me. Enjoy the examined life.



via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

In the grand scheme of your life I am but a hiccup,

a stray white hair on a black cardigan

standing out for all to see.

I am a wrinkle in your perfectly pressed blouse,

annoying only when noticed by you,

but almost completely invisible to everyone else.

And that is what I am,

an annoyance to only you.

We are the same, you and I,

like magnets of the same pole,

and maybe that’s why you push me away,

but I’ll change if it means I can be closer to you.


Out of Reach

via Daily Prompt: Grasp

I wish it was easier

to be around you,

and not want

to be with you.

You tell me I make you smile,

at your lowest points

I bring your mood up,

and you’re thankful.

But when I reach for your hand,

you’re always too far away,

and I’m grasping at air.

I’ll fake it, pretend I don’t care

continue to make you smile,

and when we get close,

I’ll go on hoping that

someday you’ll grasp my hand tightly

and say, “never let go.”


No Wonder

via Daily Prompt: Wonder

I took the seat across from her,

she sat still, but smiled,

she had on watermelon earrings,

and her nails were red, like her lipstick.

I wondered why she was so “done up”

stunning, really,

and I couldn’t help but stare.

I feared she would notice though,

so I looked down at the glass in front of her,

with the red liquid,

she told me what it was like five times,

but I couldn’t make it out,

and I just stared at her ruby-red lips,

as she mouthed the words over and over,

and I felt my heart skip a beat.


Here at the End

via Daily Prompt: Evoke

And here at the end, the goodbyes evoke the memories of hello,

the weight is lifted from shoulders, formality an afterthought,

laughter echoes as jokes become more lighthearted,

smiles on all faces, attempting to hide the sadness beneath.

You were all special, and I learned a lot,

but today is goodbye, and tomorrow anew,

and if I don’t see you again, at least the memories of hello,

and now, of goodbye, will remain with me for all time.


Twin Suns

via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

In the distance, the two suns warmed

his forlorn figure as he stood on that tiny hill,

contemplating his future on this solitary rock.

His whole life he felt he didn’t belong,

always wishing he was off in the distance,

anywhere else, living a life of excitement,

but this is his home, this is what he knew.

When the suns set, however, and the darkness takes over,

he is allowed to dream of a galaxy far, far away.



I sat through the musical,

an emotional one, where misery and love

were present in every character’s story,

and at intermission I was drained,

tired, yawning, nearly asleep.

She stepped up to the mic, the orchestra played,

and she sang, softly at first, then louder,

clear as crystal, smooth, sincere, heartbreaking.

When she was done, I was never more awake,

she sang like an angel, and I was lucky just to witness it.