The Snot Emoji

My co-worker and I were discussing the topic of sadness in response to her being left out of a meeting that was scheduled for next week. She said, “I should send the saddest emoji I can with this email just to show how truly heart-broken I am.” I suggested the snot emoji, to which she replied, “Snot emoji?! Why that one?”

I explained: “You know when you see someone and they’ve been crying? Well, aren’t there usually levels? The first level is like, when their eyes have just begun to well up with tears and you get a hint that they’re about to burst. Then there’s the level where they’re pretty much free-flowing with the tears. Then you get that one who has the tears and the uncontrollable snot dripping from their nose. The kind of crying, no, sobbing that causes that snot to build in the back of their nose from all the sniffling they’ve done. And then when they attempt to talk they slightly choke on their snot? Send the snot emoji.”




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