Daily Prompt: Realize

via Daily Prompt: Realize

The morning air is crisp

as it prickles my dry skin.

I feel a sudden alertness, maybe panic,

as I rise and set off to do drone work.

It’s all a routine now–

wake, get the kids ready, get myself ready,

go to work, think about being somewhere else,

come home from work, eat, sleep.

This morning I drag a bit,

I sip a little longer on my coffee,

I stare a little longer out the window,

and I think a little longer about my life.

I realize this life is happy, comfortable, cozy,

but is it fulfilled?

Have I reached my potential?

Of course the answer is–

shower time for the kids.

Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll have better answers,

but I suspect everything will be the same,

a comfortable routine, like an endless loop

and I’m hoping the groundhog would die already.



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