Daily Prompt: Banned

via Daily Prompt: Banned

You are cold, sending a sharp sense of dread down my skin,

the tiny hairs on my body stand up to your touch,

my heart races, beating aggressively,

attempting to jump out of my chest to attack.

My eyes grow large, and liquid begins to form in them

causing a clarity right before the cloudiness of tears.

The stench is putrid, causing the dogs I pass to bark loudly,

they sense your presence, hovering over me, following me,

directing my actions away from what you perceive as a bad thing.

Early on I relied on you, and quite frankly, sometimes,

I still do– my reflexes sharpen and my adrenaline pumps,

but you are a liar, a deceiver–

you break down my will, cause my strength to fail,

you weaken my resolve, you take my energy

and you trick my mind to accept the idea that I–

the very person I am, all that I’ve lived through–

am weak, unintelligent, unloved, and a failure.

Well my old friend, my new enemy,

or perhaps those words are too strong to use on you,

so I’ll plainly call you by your name–‘Fear,’

you are banned from making decisions in my life.

No longer will you rule me, and though I’ll listen to your warnings,

I’ll disregard you when you’re derailing my life’s progress.



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