via Daily Prompt: Cling

Through the aisles we walked as you perused

the sale signs and the tags that hung from clothing.

I walked by your side, at first amused,

but as we kept walking, began to feel dread and loathing.

You kept it up for hours on end, looking for the best deals,

I clung to your hand all the while, dragging feet in protest.

But you let me stray, at times, two-handing bargains and steals.

And when my feet hurt, and my frown grew, you held me closest.

I was young then, much too young to understand,

those were the best times, when all of it was spent with you.

Now, as I’m much older, I’ll tell you: I will cling to your hand

for days we have left, because you’re my mom and my best friend too.



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