Lurching Heart

via Daily Prompt: Lurch

She stood, mostly at a distance,

but close enough that I could make out her eyes–

those beautiful brown eyes, piercing into my soul.

She smiled a full smile and I couldn’t help but think

“this is the highlight of my day.”

I looked away from her, into the star-filled sky,

trying my hardest not to solely stare at her,

“so, I’ll talk to you next week?” I probed.

“Next week? Why not tomorrow?”

And with that, I felt my heart lurch,

my lungs overcome

as my mouth took in more air than needed.

“Sure!” I replied trying to sound calm.

And as she walked away,

into the darkness of her driveway,

I stood for a second longer,

realizing those stars are probably closer,

than she and I will ever be.



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