via Daily Prompt: Priceless

I wrote you a love letter,

and I signed it anonymous,

because I must have thought,

the act, altogether

was cliché as it could get,

might as well go for it all.

In it, I probably told you how much

I truly cared for you, or some

variation of love without

actually mentioning the word…

I can’t be completely sure,

because I wrote it while inebriated–

a state I’ve been way too familiar with recently.

I must have told you how important

you are, and how much I need you,

and, probably something about

the time we spend together being priceless.

And because I couldn’t remember

your email address, it went un-sent

for the rest of my intoxicated night.

In the morning I deleted it,

I didn’t read any of it except for

where I signed, “I will always care,



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