She is cold, blended or on the rocks, she is of ice.

Beautiful– she is colorful, perfect proportions,

sits pretty, almost too magnificent to disturb.

She is sweet, so sweet you will find yourself blinded,

bitterness subsiding into a sugary treat,

but in her sweetness you’ll find she is strong,

stronger than you believed,

strong enough to destroy you if you let her.

She is fire, stick with her through the cold,

and she will warm your heart,

pain subsides, pleasure ignites,

but stay too long, and she will hurt your chest,

a heart attack in a glass,

you can’t say goodbye, she is too good to give up,

but you’ll realize maybe she’s not for you…

find another to taste, and forget how

she makes you feel.

In the end, though, she is all you want to drink.


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