Giving Up

via Daily Prompt: Faint

I heard a faint whisper and I thought it was you,

but it wasn’t and you were never there in the first place.

I guess I should have expected it,

exclusivity isn’t a thing you would be forced to adhere to.

I wonder, though, if you felt for him, what I feel for you?

I lessened the pain by pretending I was better without you,

but it stings… burns almost, and when I’m feeling better,

you scorch me with your presence.

I don’t sleep much anymore, you haunt me nightly,

and when I start to forget you,

my phone buzzes faintly on the table,

it’s you, reminding me again that you’re still in my life,

if I throw my phone on the bed I won’t hear you buzz,

but the temptation is far too much, and I yield to you.

I’ll try again to forget you tomorrow.



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