Take the Lead

I’m sorry,

I misinterpreted our friendship,

maybe I wanted more,

maybe I thought you did.

You led me on,

in retrospect, I followed your lead,

and when the darkness came,

you were my only light.

Maybe that was a mistake,

when you turned away

because I hovered too close,

I was left in the dark, cold, and alone.

If we’re honest, if we open up,

no restrictions, just lay it all on the table,

we want different things,

and I understand that now,

but it hurts just the same.

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up

and it’ll hurt less,

the sun will shine

and I’ll realize I don’t have

to be in the darkness.

And when it comes again,

the darkness, I mean,

and you call me to bask in your light,

I will still come,

but I won’t expect you to stay,

and I will be okay with that.


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