Twin Suns

via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

In the distance, the two suns warmed

his forlorn figure as he stood on that tiny hill,

contemplating his future on this solitary rock.

His whole life he felt he didn’t belong,

always wishing he was off in the distance,

anywhere else, living a life of excitement,

but this is his home, this is what he knew.

When the suns set, however, and the darkness takes over,

he is allowed to dream of a galaxy far, far away.



This Love

via Daily Prompt: Winsome

It’s probably her winsome smile,

or how her eyes sparkle when she does smile,

or maybe it’s the cheeks, as they blush ever so slightly,

or it could be this feeling I hide from her,

the one that lets me ignore her shortcomings,

and realize she makes life worth it.



I sat through the musical,

an emotional one, where misery and love

were present in every character’s story,

and at intermission I was drained,

tired, yawning, nearly asleep.

She stepped up to the mic, the orchestra played,

and she sang, softly at first, then louder,

clear as crystal, smooth, sincere, heartbreaking.

When she was done, I was never more awake,

she sang like an angel, and I was lucky just to witness it.



Leaving the Nest

via Daily Prompt: Nest

I’ll leave someday, spread these wings,

leave the nest, and head off into wherever.

You will stay, an anchor to my soul,

reminding me that if my wings tire,

if I get weary, that I can return.

My compass will take me to untold places,

and I will feed my curiosity with wonder after wonder,

then, when darkness falls, I will ask you,

“Have I done it right? Are you proud?”

and you will respond as you always do,

“It’s not for me to say, you had to find your own way,

but, I can tell you, my son, I am proud.”

And no matter where I go, what I see,

that’s all I needed to know.



via Daily Prompt: Honk

Stay long enough in the city, sitting in traffic, and you’ll hear it,

worse yet, another motorist will probably honk at you,

when impatience and that sense of being late overcomes them,

you’ll get an earful of honking.

You are far too sensitive for that,

you always have been, emotional when listening to criticism,

crying when you felt like you, as a person, were being attacked

your defense mechanism was to shed those warm, salty tears.

But I see so much in you, and this,

well, this could be a way out.

You’ve already committed, taken the chance,

and I commend you, for I was not strong enough to do the same,

perhaps I was too young at the time,

maybe I thought I’d miss home too much,

but you, with you emotional heart, are far stronger than I.

Go on, and enjoy the experience,

I will be here when you return,

to listen to your stories of life and love,

but I’m afraid, you won’t need me to listen anymore,

you’ll have enough friends by then.


Take the Lead

I’m sorry,

I misinterpreted our friendship,

maybe I wanted more,

maybe I thought you did.

You led me on,

in retrospect, I followed your lead,

and when the darkness came,

you were my only light.

Maybe that was a mistake,

when you turned away

because I hovered too close,

I was left in the dark, cold, and alone.

If we’re honest, if we open up,

no restrictions, just lay it all on the table,

we want different things,

and I understand that now,

but it hurts just the same.

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up

and it’ll hurt less,

the sun will shine

and I’ll realize I don’t have

to be in the darkness.

And when it comes again,

the darkness, I mean,

and you call me to bask in your light,

I will still come,

but I won’t expect you to stay,

and I will be okay with that.

All Ears

Tell me your stories,

the ones from you past,

the secret ones,

the ones you wouldn’t tell anyone else.

Whisper the details,

and laugh at the memories,

laugh to the point you can’t tell the story straight.

Cry, if you need to, when you get to the sadness,

the moments that tested your resolve,

and smile, let those happy tears show,

when you speak about the prideful moments

when you showed the world you could do it.

Take me along for the journey through your life,

the over, under, sideways, the magic carpet rides,

and when you get to today, tell me you love me,

tell me your journey continues, but together,

with me by your side.

Take my hand in yours, and know,

that I’ll always be here to listen, if you need me.